Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Cooling Tower Fan Cylinder, Deck, Pitch, Cube and Others

Take a look at some important cooling tower parts starting from F

  • Fan Cylinder- It is cylindrical or venturi-shaped structure in which a propeller fan operates. It is also known as fan stack specially used on large-sized towers.
  • Fan Deck- It is a surface enclosing the top structure of an induced draft cooling tower. It is exclusive of distribution basins on a crossflow tower.
  • Fan Pitch- The angle which the blades of a propeller fan make with the plane of rotation, measured at a prescribed point on each blade.
  • Fan Scroll- It is a convolute housing in which a centrifugal fan operates
  • Fill Deck- It is one of a succession of horizontal layers of splash bars utilized in a splash-fill cooling tower.
  • Fill Cube- It is the amount of fill required in a volume one bay long by one bay wide by an air travel high.
  • Film Fill- It is a part of cooling tower in which film type fill is utilized for the primary heat transfer surface.

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