Friday, July 12, 2013

Market Leaders of Industrial Cooling Towers

Latest Model of Cooling Towers by CASE Group
Cooling tower is a must-have equipment for almost all the industries including pharmaceutical companies, business towers, shopping halls, multiplexes, power plants, manufacturing houses and more. When purchasing a cooling tower, there is high possibility towards getting long-list of suppliers. Therefore, making a worth-buying decision becomes a big challenge. 

If you are about to invest your pocket in purchasing cooling equipment, then be sure to contact companies which have earned years of name in the market. One such company is CASE Group in India. Established 2 decades back, CASE Group is now the market leader in the field of industrial cooling  solutions. The years of extensive knowledge and workmanship has enabled the group to create cooling towers that not only give optimum performance and efficiency but also assist end users in saving tremendous power. The CASE cooling towers are designed in such a way that the equipment can read atmospheric conditions and manipulates accordingly thereby saving enormous power.

CASE Group is the only manufacturer of cooling tower with stainless steel fill support material. They supply aerodynamically designed cooling equipment in India and abroad.

The product chain includes: FRP, RCC, Wooden, Evaporative, Air Cooled Heat Exchangers & Cooling tower parts including fill media, fan, fame, casing, cold water basin, nozzles, drift eliminators etc.

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Gary Puntman said...

I didn't know that it could become so difficult to buy a cooling tower. I can imagine there are a lot of things to take into consideration. You would want to make sure you get the best one and do your research to find the most reputable companies.