Friday, June 21, 2013

Most Used Cooling Tower Materials in HVAC Industry

Gone are those days when manufacturers of cooling towers were solely dependent upon wood. The old days towers included wood components like frame, casing, louvers, fill and cold water basin. Today, manufacturing houses have modified their style of designing. They fabricate tower and tower components with variety of materials, as per the choice of customers. Galvanized steel, glass fiber, concrete, aluminium and various grade of plastics are among the preferred choices of manufacturers and their clients.

However, if you take a look round, you will find cooling tower suppliers available with rich collection of wooden cooling towers. But, those towers have glass fiber rather than wood panels (casing) over the wood framework. You may find the inlet air louvers made up of glass fiber and cold water basin of steel. 

The plastic generally used in cooling tower constructions are PVC, polypropylene and other polymers which ensures better life of the equipment.

At times, large-sized towers are made of concrete. Casings and basins are constructed of galvanized steel or stainless steel. Engineers now-a-days use Glass Fiber for cooling tower casings and basins. Such kind of fiber protect tower components from harmful effects of water chemicals.



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