Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Expert Tips for Cleaning Cooling Tower

Cooling towers need to be clean on regular basis to minimize bacterial growth, including Legionella
Pneumophia (which causes Legionaires disease) and avoid the risk of sickness or death. Cooling tower operators should always follow maintenance procedures which reduce to a minimum, the opportunity for bacterial contamination.

Regular cleaning procedures are a basic concern for cooling tower operators in HVAC industry. Because the towers are close to public, the risk of infection from poorly maintained cooling towers is high. Visual inspection of towers should take place weekly when the towers are operating. Flushing and cleaning should be performed before and after each cooling season, twice per year is the preferred frequency.

Cooling tower engineers often suggest that a reliable water treatment program including biocial control means, should be maintained at regular interval of time. 
Filtration devices must be used to reduce the suspended solids concentration, this increasing the effectiveness of the water treatment program. 

It is necessary to drain down the water system, clean all debris and dirt from the tower. Refill the water basin with clean water. While operating the cooling tower pumps and prior to operating the cooling tower fan, execute one of the two alternate biocidal treatment programs.

Resume treatment with biocide which had been used prior to shutdown.

Treat the system with sodium hypochloride

Once the above two treatment is successfully completed, the fan can be turned on and the system can be returned to service.

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