Monday, September 14, 2015

How to Control Noise in Cooling Tower System

Maintaining low sound pressure is becoming increasingly important in cooling tower system. It has
become compulsory in commercial field. Noise is objectionable sound , intangible and relative. A sound pressure level that may irritate one person can be quite acceptable to others. However, as any user who has experienced a noise complaint knows, the irritated few can become very vociferous and their cries are usually heard. 

Sound generated by a cooling tower compiles from the the energies expanded by the motors, the speed reduction or power transmission units, the fans, and the cascading water, all of which combine to produce a typical sound level of 70 dBA at a horizontal distance of 50 feet from the louvered face of the tower. 

Since sound is manifestation of consumed energy, the same parameters that result in an energy efficient tower also produce a tower with reduced noise generating capability.

Equipping a tower with two-speed motors can effect a periodic reduction in noise output for the time that the fans are operated at half-speed. 

An over-sized tower designed for reduced fan speed and power will generate significantly less noise. Externally mounted sound attenuators can be added to the tower.

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