Friday, September 18, 2015

How to Control Temperature in Cooling Tower

Temperature control is an important consideration in industrial cooling tower technology. The cold water temperature from a cooling tower reduced with any declination in wet-bulb temperature or heat load assuming continued full-fan operation and constant pumping rate.

Many processes benefit from reduced water temperature, with product output or process efficiency increasing with colder water temperatures, offering little incentive for the user to operate the tower at anything less than full capacity.

On the other hand, there are any number of processes where cold water temperatures below a certain level are either non-rewarding or in some cases, actually harmful to the process. Those situations offer the opportunity for significant energy cost saving, brought about by proper operation of the tower.

Cooling tower water distribution systems whether spray-type or gravity-type are calculated to produce maximum efficiency within a relatively narrow range of flow rates. Appreciably high flows produce either over pressuring or spray systems or overflowing of open hot water basins. Significantly lower flow produce inadequate water coverage on the fill, which not only disrupts heat transfer efficiency, but also increases the work load of the fan (s).

Source: Cooling tower fundamentals pdf file

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