Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cooling Tower Fan Design

CASE Cooling Tower Installation

If you have gone through the recent blog post on ‘Important Cooling Tower Parts’, then you may certainly look for detailed information about each part of a Cooling Tower. Owning to your need let me present before you, a short note on Cooling Tower Fans.

As mentioned earlier (in the previous post), Cooling Tower fan design may be of two types- Propeller and Centrifugal. The first one is used in the induced draft towers; while both propeller and centrifugal fan design is used in forced draft towers. Now, propeller fans can either be fixed or variable pitch, depending upon the size. 

Cooling Tower Fan Blade 

The fans with automatic variable pitch blades can easily vary with the flow of air in accordance with the changing load conditions. On the other hand, the fans with non-automatic adjustable pitch blades allows the same fan to be used over a wide range of Kw with the fan that is adjusted to generate air flow at the least possible power consumption. The specification and power calculation of cooling tower fan may vary according to the size and use of the equipment. 

Cooling Tower Fan Blade Material

Cooling towers are prime requisite for most of the industries, chemical plants and skyscrapers. If you are looking for cooling devices, then be sure to see if the fans are made up of durable materials. You may go through a brief study of the services provided by the cooling tower fan manufacturers around you. For instance, take your time to contact the engineers @ CASE Group. The company is renowned for providing cooling tower parts of international designs. The group is a member of prestigious CTI (Cooling Technology Institute) in USA. 
For more information, please visit: CASE Group

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