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Important Parts of Cooling Towers

CASE Cooling Towers
CASE Cooling Tower Interior
Now that you are done with cooling tower definition in the previous post, it is time to know about its . The essential components include Frame, Casing, Fill, Cold-Water Basin, Drift Eliminators, Air Inlet, Louvers, Nozzles and Fans. All these parts are assembled to bring out quality equipment.
various parts

If you’d like to know about the cooling tower components, then you may take a look at the descriptions below:

Frame and Casing: This very part can be gauged easily on towers designed with structural frames. The frame supports the exterior enclosure (casing) and other components. However, small sized cooling towers with glass fiber units may consider casing as the frame.

Fill: A Fill is usually made up of plastic or wood. It helps in heat transfer by maximizing water and air contact. 

Cold-Water Basin: It is placed near the bottom of a cooling tower. The basin receives cooled water that flows down through the tower and fill. Since the designs and specifications vary from one tower to another as per requirement, you may also find cold-water basin beneath the entire fill.

Drift Eliminators: This basic part keeps the potential to capture water droplets trapped in the air stream or else it would get lost to the atmosphere.

Air Inlet: As the name suggest, this is the entry point for air entering a tower. However, the inlet differs in both cross-flow design and counter-flow design.

Louvers: Louvers in a cooling tower equalize the flow of air into the fill and retain water within the tower. Conversely, you may not find this part in many of the counter flow cooling tower.

Nozzles: This aid the water sprays to wet the fill. It can either be fixed to spray in round or square patterns or can be placed for rotating assembly, generally found in circular cross-section towers.

Fans: Cooling Tower fans are generally propeller and centrifugal types. Propeller type of fans is used in induced draft cooling towers, while both propeller and centrifugal fans are made for forced draft towers.

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