Friday, May 10, 2013

Cooling Tower Types: An Overview

Illustration: Natural Draft Cooling Tower
My last two days went truly interesting. Guess how?? I got a chance to attend an auspicious
conference on cooling tower applications and designs. The conference unfolded some informative sessions including industrial use, designs, expert reviews and the on-going market demand.

The conference was attended by engineers, industry-owners, dealers and manufacturers, as well. Attendees came up with different types of cooling tower presentations and videos related to the topics of interest. I missed no chance to capture some part of the event so as to pen down in the blog. Just, take a look at the types of cooling towers available in store for your industry

Cooling Tower Types: Natural Draft and Mechanical Draft

Natural Draft CoolingTower: This type of cooling tower is constructed with large-sized concrete chimneys. Due to its large size, the water flow rate is measured above 45, 000 m³/hr. It is highly used in utility power stations.

Mechanical Draft Cooling Tower: This type of cooling tower use large fans to force/suck air through the circulated water. Therefore the cooling rate of a mechanical draft tower depends upon the diameter of the fan and speed of operation.
As per market reviews, mechanical draft cooling towers are highly used by chemical plants and petro-chemical industries.

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