Saturday, August 24, 2013

Water Cooling Tower- Calculation and Evaluation

Known to all, cooling tower is a heat rejection device, widely used for chemical plants, business towers and various other sectors of industries. Heat inside the tower is withdrawn from water by contact between water and air. The transfer of heat takes place by the process of evaporation and heat exchange between water and air. 

Take a look at the diagrammatic representation of water cooling system, uploaded below:
Water Cooling Tower System
Water Cooling Tower System
Now, let me tell you that cooling towers are graded in terms of approach and range. The term 'Approach' is used to differentiate temperature between the cooled-water temperature and the entering-air wet bulb - twb -temperature. And, the 'Range' is the temperature between the water inlet and exit states.

Going further, I'd like to write a few lines about cooling tower efficiency, how to calculate and so on.

The efficiency of cooling tower can be expressed as  μ = (ti - to) 100 / (ti - twb)    (1)

μ = cooling tower efficiency - common range between 70- 75%

μ = cooling tower efficiency - common range between 70 - 75%
ti = inlet temperature of water to the tower (oC, oF)
to = outlet temperature of water from the tower (oC, oF)
twb = wet bulb temperature of air (oC, oF)

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