Thursday, December 4, 2014

Advantages of Cross Flow Cooling Tower Configuration

Industrial Cooling Tower by CASE
Industrial cooling towers that run on water are manufactured in different designs and configuration.

Since, the topic is vast and need good understanding, lets discuss about cross flow as of today.

In cross flow cooling tower type, the air flow is in perpendicular direction to the water flow. The air flow enters the vertical faces of the equipment and through which the water flows down by gravity to meet the filling material. The air flow passes the filling and through cooling water. The water streams at a lower temperature and provides chilled water required for the purpose of air conditioning or power generation.

Cooling Towers equipped with cross flow configuration offers certain advantages to its end users.
There are mainly two configuration which determine the direction of water flow- the counter flow and the cross flow. These two configuration indicates the direction of air flow, helps in the calculation of tower efficiency and heat rejection.
  • Requires minimum pumping and piping cost
  • Operates with minimal noise pollution
  • Supports variation in online water flows without changing the distribution system
  • Minimal maintenance cost

Buying Cross Flow Cooling Tower

While there are number of companies, you may look out for international standard cooling towers offered by CASE Group in India. Local survey confirms that they are dominating the HVAC industry in the country. For long list of cooling tower companies, enjoy a thorough research over Google, Bing, Yahoo and so on.

Till the next post on Counter flow cooling tower gets ready..stay tuned!

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